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Employer Matching Program

Help us by sponsoring an Employee Giving program/campaign with your employer

Employee Giving programs allow employees to donate a specific amount per month via payroll deductions to our Association.

The commitment can be anything from a couple of dollars to several hundred per month. Employees receive individual tax receipts annually.

Many companies also choose to match employee contributions; matching can be all or a percentage of the donations raised by employees, significantly increasing the impact of your support.

When you do this, you are able to actually take advantage of a tax deduction without needing a physical receipt from us. With a payroll deduction, the money comes out of the your pre-tax income even before you receive your paycheck.

You can further multiply your gift by encouraging your peers to give to us. We will help make it easier through our email and social media campaigns.

Lets get YOU started

Contact your corporate donations officer or human resources department to find out if your company matches gifts and to obtain a matching gift application form. Fill in the donor portion of the matching gift application form according to your company’s policies and send the form to Ibadan Descendants Development Union (IDDU) Canada:

7758 Benavon Road, Mississauga ON L4T 3G3 Canada

Or scan and email to: connect@idducanada.org

Once we receive your form, we will complete the charity portion of the form, verify that we have received your gift, and return the form to your employer. Your employer will verify your eligibility and send a cheque to Ibadan Descendants Development Union (IDDU) Canada to match your donation.

Once we receive your employer’s matching gift, we will send them a receipt for their gift and let you know that your donation has been matched.